Greenhouse Games is an independent development studio focused on Mass Market free to play games. We are located in Chilliwack BC Canada.

Greenhouse Games was founded to create three specific games.

More information is coming soon.


Vino Valley

Hop Craft


Kalvin Morrow

Game Director
Kalvin has worked in games for 10+ years for companies including Disney, Nexon and Hasbro’s Backflip studios.

Kalvin has always had a passion for building mass market online games that focus on co-operation & community.

Kalvin started Greenhouse Games to develop three games specifically.

Brenda Dehn

Brenda Dehn

FSG Malta



Everything you see here

Greenhouse Games offers a wide range of Game Development services

Game Development
From concept to a live product and everything in between.

Creative Consultation
Game Design
Free to play business model
Art Direction / Production

Technical Consultation
Unity Development
Online Game Development